Invaded the XRP Ledger June '23

In a world where genetic experimentation has gone terribly wrong, a new breed of primate has emerged. A group of mutant apes, with enhanced attributes and strength, have escaped from a secret laboratory and are now on a rampage. 

An unstoppable force of 10,000 Mutated Apes on the XRPL.

The mutant apes are no ordinary primates. They possess unique physical characteristics that set them apart from their non-mutated counterparts. Their fur is vibrant and their eyes display an expression of confusion and disorientation. Nobody knows what these Mutant Apes are capable of, but the XRP Ledger is about to find out. 

Hand Drawn with over 200 traits

Rise of the Mutant Apes: a journey through a post-apocalyptic world

Phase 1

Laboratory experiments

Phase 2

Design & development

Phase 3

Initial mint

Phase 4

The story is still developing

The Mutant Ape leaders

The leaders of the mutant apes are feared and respected by their kind and are a force to be reckoned with. They’re not your typical ape alphas, but rather highly intelligent and cunning mutants with bionic implants that have enhanced their strength and abilities. 

Chief Mutant Ape
Mutated Artist
Marketing Primate
Community Alpha

We don’t make promises. We never have. Our story is forever developing but here is some legal waffle just to make things clear. 

Mutant Apes XRP and related collections by Dr Quarkstein are collectible art.

This project is intended solely for entertainment purposes. We do not guarantee future development of the project, nor price increase of the NFTs, nor any benifits for holders. 

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